IRS Form 1040-EZ

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IRS Form 1040-EZ for 2021

Form 1040EZ is a shorter version of the 1040, which is used to prepare and file a federal income tax return for people with less than $100,000 in taxable income and who do not itemize deductions. There is no need to file with the IRS and the form is not sent to the IRS. Form 1040-EZ is used to report taxable income and is most commonly used by students with small amounts of income who cannot be claimed as dependents by their parents.

  • How to fill out a 1040-EZ Form ?
    Use the bracketed "Married Filing Jointly" or "Head of Household" or "Single" to let the IRS know your filing status. Fill out the sections on the form accordingly.
  • What is the difference between a 1040-EZ Form and a 1040 Form?
    The 1040-EZ Form is a simpler version of the 1040 Form.

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